Less Them + More Us = New WV

Submitted by Tim McClung

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A Quandry for the Times.

#WVNextIn6 Why such fuss over college graduates?

If you want to find a college graduate, you merely have to go to the nearest mall where WV’s desirable “young talent” are curently the assistant manager of some teenage-centric clothing store making $10 an hour.


The people come before coal.

Submitted by Fred Peacock 

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Take the lead in alternative energy.

Submitted by Gary Reynolds

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Last Shall Be First, First Shall Be Last…

Nostalgic America turns sustainable; WV Leads!

Submitted by Julie Savell-McCandless 


Learn from our state’s rich history

Mine our heritage, not our hills!

Submitted by Julie Savell-McCandless 

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West Virginia Progress Will Move Mountains!

Submitted by Gerald Milton

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Future brightens as Democrats light dims

Submitted by Jeff Bumgardener

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